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Roadrunner Preferred Delivery Systems
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Medical Diagnostic Laboratory,  Southern California
Meaningful Solutions
Major Title Insurance Company, Southern California
Paper Manufacturer 
Our client is a major genetic laboratory with 3 facilities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  They were using 5 different courier services and spending well into the 7 figures annually.  The logistics side of their operation was not keeping pace with the excellence of service they provide as a diagnostic lab, and they were spending a lot of money.

We developed a SINGLE provider solution that gave them total control of their operation, improved their service to their customers, and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  We have been providing this service to them for over 2 years now, and the operation is so stabile that they pay our bill AUTOMATICALLY each month!!!
We take special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.
Our client is one of the LARGEST Title insurance company in Southern California.  They were using multiple courier services, and in fact they are CO-OWNERS of a delivery service!  We implemented a messenger program that offset the majority of their costs,  staffed their messenger desks in Los Angeles and Orange counties, and saved them over 25% over their previous program.  
Our client is a major Paper provider to the printing and graphics industry.  They have multiple locations, and have priority shipments leaving these very geographically dispersed locations.  Each location was using their own choice of couriers, and the overall management and service level was low.  We provided them with a ONE SOURCE solution that saved them money, simplified their accounting, and improved their service to their clients!