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Roadrunner Preferred Delivery Systems
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Logistics Management
What WE do revolves around what YOU do !!
Logistics/Messenger Desk Staffing
Offsite and Onsite shipping/receiving management
Cloud Based Solutions

We believe that the logistics/transportation aspect of most organizations is frequently overlooked as a source of growth and profitability.  We work with our clients to leverage the logistics of their operation to create avenues of increased revenue, greater service to their customers, and ultimately improve their bottom line.
Large Fleet of highly trained, uniformed, professional drivers
Servicing all of Southern California
Rapid response time facilitated by GPS tracking, Signature Capture, Bar Coding, and other unique and powerful technologies

Virtually every aspect of Logistics can be done offsite by OUR people, or by YOUR people working under our supervision and training.  If this sounds like it may fit, our logistics professionals will show you the way.
​Southern California's most technologically advanced delivery service